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good friday afternoon, i'm melvin, you're watching msnbc. we're monitoring two very volatile situations in the middle east. angry protests against an apparent power grab in egypt while there are new concerns about a break in the israeli gaza cease fire. meanwhile, back here after the holiday weekend ends, the fiscal cliff negotiations will heat up. now the speaker of the house has thrown a new problem into the talks, can a deal actually be reached? shoppers looking for their own kind of grand bargain today. we're going to look at the black friday crush at shopping malls and super stores all over this
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country. but we start this hour with breaking news in egypt. you're looking at live pictures of tahrir square in cairo after the new egyptian president morsi gave himself sweeping new powers today. tahrir square also the heart of last year's uprising. demonstrators filled the streets of alexandria later today. morsi's new powers put his own decisions above all legal challenges until a new egyptian parliament is elected. despite the protests, morsi moving ahead with his plans at the same time insisting that his new powers are for the good ofu issued a statement moments ago saying in part, quote, we call for calm and encourage all parties to work together and call for all egyptians to resolve their differences over these important issues peacefully and through
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democratic dialogue. jim maceda will join us coming up in 20 minutes right here. turning from egypt now to the border between israel and gaza where a two-day cease fire is already being tested. israeli troops shot and killed a 20-year-old man on the gaza side of the line today. the first death since the truce. nbc news reporting that the man was trying to get to his family farm. we have coverage from both sides of the border today with nbc's gaza. fletcher in israel and what's the israeli government saying about what happened at the border today, if anything? >> reporter: well, they are talking but not much. they are saying that the troops were stationed at the border about 300 palestinians came towards the border fence, further than israeli wanted them to go. they have a 300-yard no go area and the palestinians kept coming and approached the fence.
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the israelis fired warning shots in the air and then the soldiers fired at their legs. that's what the israeli army is saying and they are not confirming they killed anybody. the 300 yard no-go area is there because for years the israelis have been worried that palestinian militants would approach the fence and lay land mines across the fence. that's why the no go area is there. today of course with the cease fire in place, apparently palestinians were testing to see how forward they can go under the new conditions. >> martin fletcher in israel. thank you so much. in gaza, hamas has already condemned the death of the man killed at the border. ayman, has hamas taken action since condemning the man's death? >> reporter: they've publicly condemned it and what we understand from palestinian factions, they plan on sending a
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written complaint to the egyptian government in cairo. tgs the egyptian government that brokered that truce. they do feel a sense of responsibility to preserve it. so hamas and others feel it is the government of egypt's responsibility to relay this violation as they describe it to the israeli government and let it be noted that it was israel who violated the cease fire first. they are saying there are no plans to escalate the situation but are asking the egyptian government to make note of the deadly attack and -- why israel should not be trusted when it comes to any type of peace negotiations, for their part the family of the man killed today and palestinian -- protest took place on the palestinian side of the fence and it was on that area that palestinian farmland that many families have tried to access over the last several years and didn't access in the past because of the israeli no-go zone. this time we were approaching
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the fence, part protest and part to access the farm land and that's when the shooting incident happened. it is a critical geographical i economy here. people thought after the truce it would be safe enough to go to the fence. today proved otherwise. >> stay safe, buddy, appreciate that. next week lawmakers return home from the thanksgiving holidays to resume working on a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. despite optimism from both sides, they remain far apart on what to do about revenues with the white house saying the bush era tax rates should expire and republicans insisting any new revenues come from closing loopholes in the tax code. kristen welker joining us from the white house. he said the talks said to be stalled. what is the white house saying? >> reporter: they certainly know this is going to be a tough
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slog. certainly you had this sort of sense of bipartisanship after the leaders came to the white house. it seems as though that has gone awe with democrats digging in their heels on the issue of entit entitle. s and republicans on taxes. congress talking about some types of compromises, one that would include rolling back tax breaks for big corporations and wealthy americans as you just talked about. another one would potentially roll back the bush era tax cuts but instead of allowing rates to go back up to the clinton levels of 39%, maybe they would go back to 37%. these are just some ideas being talked about. you're absolutely right. there is nothing that really looks to be moving forward at this point in time. but the one thing that is giving i think the white house some optimism, this administration and some democrats on the hill, president obama did win this election. he does feel as though he has leverage. he ran on a platform of
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increasing taxes for wealthier americans. and on top of that there's a lot of pressure to get something done. because if lawmakers and the president can't come to a deal, if we get deep into 2013, econo into a recession. you could see the unemployment rate go back up to 9%. i think there's a lot of pressure to get something done and all of the parties involved are hoping they will be able to by the january 1st deadline. >> kristen wker from the white house. thank you so much. appreciate that. >> thanks, craig. >> joined now byb. stoddard and bob franken. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> let me start with you, some people say the president clearly has the upper hand in these negotiations, is that true? >> not entirely. i think what kristen said is true that polling shows that most americans agree a pretty
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strong majority agrees that the wealthy need to pay more taxes and so that president obama is going to be pushing. you look at the republican side and as you know, many on the house side say we have house republican majority, came here to cut government. we need to replace these sequestration cuts that take place at the same time that the tax cuts expire. these spending cuts are goingo combination with tax cuts that expire of sending us into recession. they say those spending cuts if we're going to replace them, we need to see some numbers. democrats are not coming up with any spending cuts in these preliminary discussion and that's making republicans they say they need spending cuts. at the same time you'll see the white house pushing for an increase in the debt ceiling and republicans say if you want that and the same kitty and deal, you're going to have to cut into entitlements, something democrats resisted to this day. >> a.b. just mentioned entitlements, what are some of
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the possible areas of compromise here? >> when it comes to entitlements the democrats are saying that the areas ofld not be the entitlements, which we mean medicare and medicaid. there is a discussion about possibly raising the age for social security and coverage for medicare, that kd of thing. so there's probably some area that could be the subject of entitlement but we're in a period where they are not looking for kprcompromise. they are going through a dance. we had john boehner, for instance, speaker of the house, writing an op-ed saying that health care is on the table which is probably absurd and blatant effort to widen the perimeters, but he is negotiating with two different sides, negotiating with the democrats in the white house but also negotiating with the hard line faction in his own party. he can't look too weak into
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these negotiations or he won't get the final result passed. >> let's talk about another political story. the resignation of jesse jackson due to health issues and that federal investigation that's been going on for some time now. his father jesse jr. had this to say about his son outside his chicago home yesterday. take a listen. >> he's with his family. and having dinner. and having prayer. of the things a lot of folks are saying here is that if congressman jackson knew as most likely he did that he was going to end up resigning, why not do it a month, six weeks, two months ago and give someone else a >> yeah, he won a resounding victory in his illinois district on election day. he hasn't been really seen by his constituents or anyone in the congress since june. he's been at the mayo clinic i think twice for treatment there for his bi polar diagnosis and
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fs highly likely he knew he couldn't fill out his term and may have to that is the question that came as a resul of this announcement so soon after election day that he wasn't going to be in congress anymore. that could have maybe been avoided. if he's under all of this mental duress, it's probably a decision he couldn't complete and couldn't make on time and maybe his family found a way to convince him otherwise. but i think he's been through a terribly rough road and t have to get to the business of replacing him. it's a very, sad, sad story. >> bob, insight into who might be legite candidate to fill that seat? >> probably not rod blag vich, but somebody from illinois. one other thing i'd like to expand upon, the idea of
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resignation. when he won the election, he kept the bargaining ship which are trying to figure out a plea bargain relationship. when an official gets in trouble, one of the bargaining chips he has is the possibility of his resignation. when he won,t became a more potent one and now he resigned which means they are well along in the negotiations for some sort of a.b. stoddard. thanks for cutting your shopping short. shoppers invading the malls across the country for the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season but some are complaining that black friday has creepedthursday a ones paying the price. we'll talk about that. plus, getting ready for the is either side ready for the compromise that it will take to get a deal done, or will they do
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everyone knows today by one name, black friday, of course, the madness is you'd expect. the only differenc started thei friday sales on thursday evening for more on that go to cnbc'só courtn courtn courtney reagan. how are you? >> reporter: i'm good, craig. it's good to be with you today, the thanksgiving hours, we heard a lot of frustrations from some folks about the christmas creep moving into thanksgiving, here and across the onde country, some of the highest traffic was at the stores on
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thanksgiving night, whether it was an 8:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. or midnight opening. that's when lot of folks lined up to get in the stores for door busting deals, particularly the younger shopper and men who would much rather shop on thursday night instead of getting up early on friday morning. then you have a lot of people that started thursday and they are still shopping right now. we have spoken to a lot of them, so far the traffic here, craig, actually increased as the day has gone on. i don't know if more folks are g out of bed and turkey comas are wearing off, but they are coming out and not just hanging out. a lot of shopping bags in hand. starbucks is to my right and chick fillet, and there lines t >> what are the most popular items snatched up on black friday or thanksgiving thursday as well? >> reporter: you know, we usually see consumer electronics and that is pretty much the
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story again today. tablets are big. the leap pad 2 i'mum a.m. you got lot of self-gifters here too. i'm seeing womenu walk around with apparel, macy's seems to be a big winner across malls acros the let you get out of here, from time to time we like to teach. black friday, the phrase itself, that name, givehe background. >> reporter: it seems ominous, right, blackt'sary, it's kind o accounting, it's an accounting reference. black afriday is the day retail move from bng negative, to in the black,: positive. >> cnbc's courtney reagan,thank ting off a new off the e john
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fiscalff we'll get the latest on a volatile situation in egypt of thousands of protesters, many of them the same people who fought for democracy in that country now hitting the et angled by what steal that acy. you're watching msnbc. christine o born wants you all. the owner of wonder works, a charleston, south carolina based toy storeelieves in cooperation and has a station dedicated to make sure her customer dollars stay local. for more watch "your business" on msnbc. qówozh#vn9
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as lawmakers head bk to work next week coming up with a pl to keep the country from ll cliff will be at the top of the agenda. at this point the main persistent sticking point is raising tax rates on the rich. now it appears there may be a semantics ap solution that could lead to both sides would raise taxes but not tax e rates. joining me now to talk about it from baltimore, maryland senator ben cardin, good afternoon. >> it's good to be with you, thank yo >> where do negotiations stand
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right now from your perspective? >> they are taking place at different leve.w that the presi speaker of the housend meeting. i could tell you as a member o the senate finance committee, we've had discussions democratic and republican members of the senate finance committee as to how we could be helpful. but u' hurdle isd revenue. and how we're going to be able to achieve enough revenue to ma work. >> let's talk about this soluti, mentioned in the new york times today, raing tax revenue by taxing wealthy americans, entire income at the current top rate. is tso both sides could agree to? >> i think it's going to be challenging quite frankly. the eni?pasiest way to get ther let the highest rates expire and no go back to the bush rates. if we start dealing with exemptions and can do that but normally we would talk conjunction with tax reform.
11:24 am
and use some o alleviate some of the other problems in the tax code. it can be done, we'll try to do it but i can tell you it's not going to be politically easy. handful of folks whord that said they would be open to briefly going off allowing all which would give republicans cover for high earners having to pay a higher rate. antrutho that? >>t not at all. makes no sense. we want to sit down and negotiate in good faith and put national interest first. it will cause damage to this country if we gocliff and the s >> let talk about revenue, you just mentioned there and that o entire thing. is it possible to generate the generate by closing loopholes and limitingmized d
11:25 am
or do we have to raise rates or vehicle as well? >> the easiest the rates. that produces the money youh ned and does it in a way everyone understands the consequences. when you start trying toe of re closingxemptions or credits, there consequences to that that we need to understand. yes. is it easier politically. i'm not sure it is what types of consequences will l of that needsl to be thought out. >> senator, want to tt the scr. stopping obama state rig vous oversight by membersf the house of representatives, such action will be critical in protecting the american people and our economy from the iact t.
11:26 am
is theu@ak or ![abase? >> the elections are over, we're moving forward. we're not going to repeal obahe obama care would put us deeper in debt and reduce the revenues and cost our economy drs of view also, look, there's a lot of things in theéj heah care act that are important for our seniors and smallsinesses, for families and taking on the abuses of private insurance companies, it' move forward. there's things we can improve upon. let's do that as democrats and reic rehash the debate that i think was conclusively resolved by the elections. >> ben cardin, thank you. >> some walmart workers wking off the job on this blackdarote. did it work? we're going to talk tone of the employees who walked off about the action and whether more disruions areg coming
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duri the holiday the face of th going forward?arty triesregrou ? we're going to talk with that about our strats, you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. gcquestions? anyone have occasional constipation, yeah. one philli' colon health probiotic cap each day helpes defend against these digestive issues with thrns ee straiof good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life.
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♪ don't know what i'd do ♪ i'd have nothing to prove ♪ i'd have nothing to lose [ male announcer ]g to prove zales is the diamond store. take an extra 10 percent off storewide, now through sunday. i'm craig melvin, here'a a stories making news, black friday is in full swing aftff the to earliest store ny opened on evening, sales will be up nearl of the w are expected to h stores. the woman p tco-worker have. nd stone was snapped pointing herting at a s respect. the two took photo on a pd trip by their employer, a
11:31 am
non-profit organization. from the world of professional hockey, the nhl has just anunced the cancellation of the 2012-2013'< regular season th. to the a-star breaking news in egypt where a power grab mors si has set off protests. f that that hasmorsi's calling him nbc's jim maceda from cairo. >> reporter: craig, in the square below me, tahrir, square
11:32 am
anti-mors si protesters claiming grab that square who believe morsisays th two-month transition period and after that he'll relinquisthe specl pourershe went thousand supporters who gathered oue palace that he takere weref the kind of like our supre court chiest judges who weredecrcreating jam and difficult a painstaking process of writing theconstitution. he called them xweils eating risk losing this m history if it speed
11:33 am
things up. he decreed there will be a o,constitution putting ito more. the problem, of course, is in the writing of epeople who repr behind me h boycotted the process, once them that islamicng to have it be theland. some throwing tear the % side stree u alexandria, d and burned/ the ng next but, e been worse. the man who brokered t deal and supposed to be enforcing it, instead ishere. nbc's jim maceda from cairo,
11:34 am
also giving us the on ss alexandria. back here, turni to smping repu was supposedly to a war for the heart and soul for the grandld ? are there a whole even? we wt to bng in the thehogan, lt stop withing about this -e oba tableur cliff negotiations. wh happened to this debate andx rats? aft this shellackint would hap
11:35 am
now. the conservative wing is saying modete saying you me him go too far right, that's h problem. frankly, k?craig. we need to quitbeing modere and focus on leadership. we have plenty leaders within the r i?at's lies from. people like martinez and people havdl bsnd partisan bias and say, we've got to lead our state actually govern me day. and that type of leadership and. i think there's a hole for that ithin the republican vparty. emerge and t of the gop. >> richard, hoganusioned susan?á na marneohn
11:36 am
boehner in the republican party. who is the leader of the republicanparty? else? f the former mitt romne w in obviously notg. thearty%cough from yes, it's john boehner who lea the one national body where the softer obviously the mcconnelg got firm grip over his conference in the nate. so he's not to be taken lightly. if you were looking forf john boehner. i would say the op-ed andru naming paul ryan to basically boehner said we're going to the bush tax cuts, th signs are not good forpeople
11:37 am
where the party should go. i think romn did better wn he started moderating but that's to be debated i guess with the republican partattention, the op-ed in the got a lot of raising the possibility that she may not have gone back= over as head n lead the tential just a joke or a lot obf cservatives who are still taking her seriously? >> sarah palin is a very interesting person. i think shen a big i'll give you e example, i'm in little rock r work for governor huckásab fo four years, a very intesting character because you would hel ot, heoverned by
11:38 am
moving the ballwah a 87% docrat legislature and do he mandated arts, another b word, among t conservatives and arts education inhe gave heo are the children of parents who made too much money to get free health care but not enough to afford -- >> richard >> there is governance and moving the ball forward. we need more people like that. of a you just hear hogan citing whether it's huckabee or martinez or jeb bush, let's see what programs in the case and congressmen, what legislation they are going to brace. and until they back off from to class around
11:39 am
economic issuesn they move away from and want to makehe electorate a big as p self-deportati and wt to encourage immigrants to be full people are serious. until then it's just talk. >> ten se quickly,g them and telling them why republican governance ibetter country. >> we have tock to shoppg here.. retailers bargain hunters gives way to shoppersor christmas. jay gray still hanging out in the mall ofme he has changed locations though. what's the word friend? it up a notch.ores inow?
11:40 am
we're on the seconeem to doing great. everybody walking through merchandise. greaton square feet or re,stor. they all are packed. i did a ltl and people are shopping and buying, like we said the bags were full. that's good newss you take see . at the ma. they've been here sie 8:00 last night andni the steady stream since overt and i looks like that's only going to continue. my mom told me i wouldn't make a living hanging out at th look w's right now. >> jay gray rsecond floor, mall thank you, sir. workers rightsro calling it the biggest prote hae
11:41 am
wages management. ember of he protest woing in co the group making c at walmart. let's start with what t owlkout. the protegoing? have enough people pci ess? >> it's actually a success. there's a currently stil walking off. we had associates i st. paul walk off the job today and it's still growing, people >> for folks who have not been following the story closely, roup wants f who choose to speak out of things to see c age and mainly thehealth re statement from out like myself.
11:42 am
walmart executive bill simon. ays in part,quote, less an 50 walmart workers actually nd that roughly thef- people as the year. there's a statement thererotest dmmber shift as last to that? >> my response to that is i'm not sure where he got his numbers from. but we have ove 100 stores whoi the job. i'm not surenumbers from. but this is growing at a alarng rate. the numbers are impressiv and's associates. >> in a separate of protesters weren't even walrtu guys have ar of protesters notstore?
11:43 am
>> we have community ashe media but most of the people on the g the informn associate who hask participated in e most people out there have beenm >> dallas, texas. >> do appreciate you. >> the fiscal cliff and you, what do or don't do about the oyour w h. [ male announcer ] it'that time of year again.
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by an average of 6s at what thel clf means for theheas a book no right there, call "rebounders" . let's start with the fiscal cliff if you]; look month, there has been a fair amount of volatility wi theith the dow dropping signifily after the election on fiscal cliff happen? people are starting to pull money out of stocks and dividend dividends a little les valule. thatee the market continue to go down resolved and could see a plunge if we hit january 1stnto effect.
11:48 am
he flip side of that, if washington actually gets i resolve this in a better wthan could have a prett good economy weoupickup in the stock market. if they make a deal that's not expected, i think wwould see an immediate impact. i think we're going to see a deal that comes out of dribs and of a lastg minute thing and al see it coming when it does tend fiz bole, the cbo, ben bernanke who coined the term fiscal cliff. they have predicted if a deal is not reached, the conen any chance that if a deal is not reachethat perhaps that's an overstatement? >> we need to keep in mind, this is not one measure that's an all or nothing type of deal. the taxes we keep hearing about are ne different ss of taxes
11:49 am
then there are the spending cuts which affect literally hundreds and hundreds of government allo some of those this tointo effect and not the others, they canof -- they have the freedom to pick and if allonk it will probably be as bad as they are saying because even for all of the headlines and rbole right now, most people are tha work it out. if they don't, it's going to be a bad surprise. >> we had a number of conferences with lawmakers and analysts about the fiscal cliff. i'll pose the same question to you, is it possible to generate the kind of revenue that the white house to generate, by just closing lo deductions, have to raise the rates? >> if y don't want to cut government spending by a ton and that means medicare and social security, that doesn't mn small agenc stuff, that means things that mlions of people depend upon, if you want to leave that more or less where it is, you'll have to come up with
11:50 am
more revenue than they are talkabmost say look, middle class have to go up. that doesn't have to be the 3500 or means an increase in the gasoline tax, slightly higher p everybody payg a little bit more would actually solve the problem. >> rick, always are. also now an accomplished author. you've heard of bla fridaynd cyber monday. what about giving tuesday? this is a novel concept that caught our attention at an attempt to create a new holiday traditio that could benefit millions. we'll tell you how to get involved. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is ato get my spot? i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. savon ground shipping at fedex office.
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holiday shopping for friends and family, a group working to there are millions of people in need. so with the help of corporations like sony and microsoft, they
11:54 am
are looki add giving tutesday to the national vocabulary, a day for charitable giving toollowlaand cyber monda. joining me to talk about, matthew bishop, the us business editor for the ecomi author of "road from ruin", how let's talk about giving tuesday. how was this idea born? >> right now, we're at the start of two seasons, the shoin givin. we saw basically shopping season has its opening day cyber ndeas an opening day. the idea is giving tuesday, next tuesday, will be the first day of the giving season. whenever in america gets up and says i can giv i can get and what they are friends to standy giving to. >> social media i w has changed the way charities
11:55 am
operate, changed the way as well. how is social media -- what role is it going to have? got excite about. a lot. this idea was started at the to talk to ion in new york and huffingtont and other charities thatame in. it has taken off like wildfire. now on tuesday, giving tuesday, everyone is going to be encouraged to tweet, to put a photograph of themselves up saying this is my giving pledge and this is what i'm giving to on givin we think it will go really big as people all say to each other, we're pt munity that gives. >> are we askingple to contribute a certain amount or sking to give to certain what you want to whatever group you want? opening day of baseball, you
11:56 am
get together and celebrate the sport of is about everyone get together and celebrating giving. whatever matters to you i what you talk about on giving tuesday. it's not about the social media saying this is a chance where we all go bottom uphere's no top down plan, you post your picture of yourself and do our own giving pledge and share with friends. you say i'm are you giving to. >> i'm giving to three journalists because they are being killed at the moment tiond her and she's doing amazing stuff on the environment and donors choose, f!which gets mon in the classrooms to help teachers do interesting things about their kids and give them a proper foundation. >> the hash is on your folks. encourage folks to uset on tuesday. i'll be participating and hope you will be as well. fantastic concept.
11:57 am
thanks for sharing it with us. >> that will do it for me. thanks for taking time out of shopng to spend a couple of hours with us on this black friday. we'reupdated throughout the day. coming up right now "hardball" with chris matthews. , danielle, almost every weekend. derrell hasn't been able to visit his mom back east in a long time. sometimes a little tight around the house. i wasn't able since derrell couldn't get home, we decided to bring home to him and then just gave him ♪ [ laughs ] applause ] i love you. i love you, too.
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